IRP Registration Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Truck drivers who perform business across state lines need to register International Registration Plan (IRP) plates with the government. If you need help with your IRP registration, come to Diesel Plates & Permits in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

IRP Registration Services

IRP is the registration the United States government requires for large vehicles that cross state lines. A large vehicle intended for use in two or more states (or other recognized jurisdictions) needs an IRP before it can perform business.

The government defines large vehicles as a vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds or a vehicle with three or more axles. Most commercial transport trucks fit this definition. Recreational vehicles or government-owned vehicles are exempt from IRP registration.

Individual jurisdictions may have other qualifications. We specialize in California registrations, so we can help you meet those requirements when you register.

Other Services

In addition to IRP registration, we offer a variety of other plates and permits for vehicles, including:

  • Interstate DOT
  • Intrastate DOT
  • MC number
  • Motor carrier permit
  • Unified carrier registration

We help with vehicle-related taxes too. We can help with your truck tax ID number and truck-specific filings. Our tax-related services include:

  • BOC filing
  • IFTA filing
  • 2290 road tax filing

We also do more routine vehicle registration actions such as VIN verifications and title transfers.

For many of our plates and permits, same day service is available. If you need IRP plates quickly, come to Diesel Plates & Permits. Call us at 909.346.0900 to discuss your options.