DOT MC Permit Plates in Fontana, CA

Do you need DOT MC Permits for your fleet? Diesel Plates & Permit LLC offers DOT same day services for IRP.  Apportioned plate & all Interstate Permits needed to run all 48 states, Canada & Mexico.

California requires all freight companies to register each vehicle with the DMV, BOE, IRS, FMCSA, CHP & so many more. Allow us to help & call us today.

Our Services

If you manage a trucking company that operates only in California, we can help you register with the DMV, FMCSA, IRS, and Board of Equalization & CHP and set up the permits you need. If your company crosses state lines, you will also need IPR Apportioned Plates.

  • IRP Plates & Registration
  • Unified Carrier Registration
  • IFTA Filing
  • 2290 Road Tax Filing
  • Corporation and LLC filing
  • Tax ID Number
  • CA Numbers
  • Motor Carrier Permit
  • DOT
  • MC
  • Vin Verification
  • BOC Filings
  • New Mexico Permit
  • New York Permit
  • Kentucky Permit

To learn more about our services, call us today at 909.346.0900. You can also text 909.641.8896 or email [email protected]. With our years of service and diverse team of experts, we have the experience to ensure that you get the permits you need quickly and affordably. We look forward to hearing from you, so get in touch today!