Efficient DMV Registration Services for Truckers

If you need assistance in getting your trucking business in compliance, we have you covered. At Diesel Plates & Permits, we provide a wide range of registration services that are designed mainly for trucking companies.

Our Services

The United States government requires large vehicles that cross state lines to be registered in the IRP before it can be used for business. Vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds or with three or more axles are considered large vehicles. Recreational and government-owned vehicles are exempt from the registration.

Individual jurisdictions may have other qualifications. Our company specializes in California registrations, specifically in Rancho Cucamonga. We will help you meet the requirements.

Our team offers a wide variety of plates and permits for vehicles. These include:

  • Interstate DOT
  • Intrastate DOT
  • MC Number
  • Motor Carrier Permit
  • Unified Carrier Registration

Our team can assist you with your truck ID number and filings. Our tax-related services include:

  • BOC Filing
  • IFTA Filing
  • 2290 Road Tax Filing

Let’s Get Started

If you need IRP plates quickly, our same-day service is perfect for you. Call us at (909) 346-0900 to discuss your options.